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Offer Your Readers a Free Golf Score Tracker Through

Kevin Meek VP/Technology is also the creator of A premier golf handicap tracking system available for free to all golfers.

Fairway Files allows golfers to establish a handicap and keep track of their scores and stats. It provides all sorts of charts and graphs and allows users to set up groups of their friends. Group members can be configure the system to send notification e-mail when group members post their scores. This allows people to keep up with their golfing friends no matter where they reside.

The site provides ratings and reviews of over 15,000 courses all over the world.

Sports editors may want to add a link from their paper's web site to as a service to their readers. Instructions on how to do that can be found here - The Ultimate Site to track your Game!
For more information about this contact the site administrator at or call Kevin Meek at (703) 538-1025.